If you are a reader of my blogs, you know I love unique.  And it doesn't get much more unique than combining the biggest ever all deaf cruise with Justin Kent, the inventor of the world’s first MIDI Turntable, an optical system for DJing video.

DJ/VJ Justin Kent created history October 28, 2007 when he joined with the Sencity team (Sign Dancers, Deaf Dancers, Aroma Jockeys) to transform sound into vision. Performing with his signature EJ Turntable, Justin turned the Freedom of the Seas into a South Beach nightclub.

By spinning rhythmic visuals for 2,000 hearing impaired guests, he helped the passengers feel the music, whether or not they could hear it.  Kent told Cruisemarketwatch it “gave me an unprecedented opportunity to focus on how the music looks, for people that experience vision and sound in a totally different way. This might be the biggest challenge a DJ could possibly face.” For more info, visit Passages Deaf Travel.