Marketing, boiled down to its essence, is about crafting product and communications.

That held true in 1690 for Dom Pierre Perignon when word got around the palace of Versailles the blind Benedictine monk had combined stronger imported bottles and airtight corks with grapes from the northern most growing region of France.  It also holds true today for Harry Winston over discrete invitations to select male customers in Tokyo's Midtown for first picking rights in a hidden VIP room.

The point is that combining art and science, marketing requires shaping communications to best position your brand among desired audiences to ultimately influence a result – a purchase.

The means of communication can take many forms: various media, word-of-mouth, social networks and the often overlooked, ubiquitous email.

The shear volume of emails crossing cyber-space from businesses via employees is staggering – and almost every single one is a marketing opportunity lost.

Imagine, as a 46,000 employee cruise company, each email leaving your business is wrapped with a controlled, branded message and/or call to action.  As each is forwarded around and replied to, the exposure multiplies exponentially.  Before long, you’ve generated as much reach and frequency as a national television campaign – with measurable click-through rates and among an audience you know is engaged with a pre-disposition or interest in your product.

The same effect would work for travel agencies.  It’s a simple and easy process the folks at wrapmail can painlessly set up.  They kindly developed the samples above.


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