Chinese moviegoers have been abuzz since the Dec 18, 2008 premier of famed director Feng Xiaogang's movie “If You Are The One . ”  It quickly became the highest grossing Chinese language film in Chinese movie history.

Success has been accredited to Feng Xiaogang's reputation and an appeal to audiences by commenting on major current events like the Wenchuan Earthquake and world financial situation.

Some of the movie’s financial success is also rooted in flourishing product placements.  Movie producer Wang Zhongjun said, “We made about 50 million yuan through advertising in the movie. That is a record-breaking figure in China's movie industry.”

I blogged here about the potential of seeing cruise line product placements in movies and it seems Costa may have taken heed.


After the lead romantic interest attempts suicide, character Qin helps her recover by taking her on an expensive cruise.  From there, the love interest ensues.  In the end, they live happily ever after.  And so might Costa in the growing Chinese cruise market .

Interestingly, the only other movie that has grossed more in China - Titanic.