Our monthly Cruise Search Index reflects change in cruise demand and online search market share. For the month of February 2009, U.S. online cruise search is estimated at 11.9 million monthly unique individuals. This represents a 17% decrease off the January 2009 high.  Versus last year, online search for cruise is still up a solid 8.8% versus February last year.

% Change for February '09
vs Last Year vs. Last Month
Total Internet Traffic 3.7% 0.2%
Total Cruise Search 8.8% -17.6%


Percentages in the charts below represent the approximate share of all online cruise traffic.

Chart 1 - % of traffic for top Cruise Lines from all cruise related traffic (click to enlarge)






Chart 2 - % of traffic for top booking sites from all cruise related traffic (click to enlarge)








Sources: Google Analytics