cruise-west-world-cruiseWhat do you call a 335-Day circumnavigation of the world visiting 242 Ports of Call, 14 Oceans & Seas, 52 Countries and 85 UNESCO World Heritage sites besides the journey of a lifetime?  Marketing geeks like me call it a creative and unique response to emerging trends.

Voyages of the Great Explorers from Cruise West is meeting these trends head on.  Future Brand recently invited Rossitza Ohridska-Olson to be part of an expert panel discussing future trends in travel. Two of Rossitza's five trends were experiential and creative tourism.

Experiential describes our growing hunger for authenticity, discovery and sense of adventure - one that will push further the geographical boundaries of tourism by seeking out more destinations.  We blogged here last December that authenticity was a scarcity in 2009, and as such a sought after luxury.  Cruise lines like Cruise West have defined what is scarce and unique by introducing the opposite of anything that has already become too affordable, accessible or well-known.

"No other cruise line - big or small -- offers a journey as long or as varied as Voyages of the Great Explorers," said Richard West, managing director and chairman of Cruise West.

Another trend, creative tourism, means engaging in and learning about the cultures and communities being visited.  A hallmark of the Cruise West experience is thought-provoking presentations by local experts and onboard Exploration Leaders who expand upon the significance of the cultural and historical highlights.

Departing Singapore on March 6, 2010, Cruise West's flagship, the 120-guest, all-suite Spirit of Oceanus will sail westward, following the sun, to return to Singapore on February 3, 2011.  Book the entire voyage starting at $233,995.

Here is a link to the eBrochure for the Voyages of the Great Explorers World Cruise.