Solstices occur twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is oriented directly towards or away from the Sun.

An inaugural launch like Celebrity’s Solstice, however, occurs just once. Celebrity is reaching new cruise line marketing heights in getting its pod chirping.

The blogosphere abounds with buzz.

  • USA Today’s Gene Sloan was blogging live Wednesday from the Solstice
  • Miami Herald Travel Editor Jane Wooldridge blogs about her two-night introductory voyage
  • Blogger The Mommy Insider Alicia Hagan is posting daily updates from the inaugural cruise
  •'s blog posted an onboard photo essay
  • Travel writer Jane Archer reports there are glass blowers aboard
  • Bloggers The Jet Set Girls (Hope Schmid and Anne Fritz) were invited to cruise (and attended:)
  • The BBC reported one of Britain’s leading Cricket groundsmen "swapped Manchester for Miami" to oversee the world’s first 14,000 square foot lawn onboard a cruise ship.
  • Local Miami/Ft.Lauderdale CBS station channel 4, WFOR  reports (video below) there is a 5,000lb suspended live tree growing in the center of the ship

That fits in with green strategy.  So does naming Professor Sharon L. Smith, an ocean scientist, as the ship Godmother.

It all adds up to good marketing by Celebrity - it’s one Solstice I wont soon forget.