Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade, a job made all the easier when that message taps into innate human desires.  Life itself emerged from the ocean 500 million years ago and in fact no less than 60% of adult’s bodies are water.  European sailors returned to it in search of discovery of new worlds.

Royal Caribbean seeks to draw from our yearning for the ocean in a new ad campaign “The Sea Is Calling” (Learn more and see the video here.)

What else could we do but answer the question - at what cost? We had to graph Royal Caribbean’s average price per person per day for an inside cabin on sailings to destinations in the Caribbean.

You can answer Royal Caribbean’s calling for as low as $82 per person per day as early as the end of this January - or during peak pricing towards early July for as much as $145 per person per day.   Either way, both Royal Caribbean and the ocean will be waiting to greet you.

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