The other day I was waiting in line at my favorite local java-fix establishment and something caught my eye.  Instead of the now ubiquitous tip jar at the counter there was an exciting new challenge in front of me, Bach vs. Mozart! It was worth dropping in a dollar for the sheer brilliance.  The excited and smiling employee at the register indicated tip revenue was up over 50%! Imagine that.

Tip Jar Coin Change

Coin Change

iPhone vs. Droid, Redskins vs. Ravens, Ray Charles vs. Stevie Wonder, Lakers vs. Celtics, Tupac vs. Biggie, Steve Martin vs. Joan Rivers – it’s only limited by one’s imagination.  Come to find out, the art of Tip Jar enhancing even has its own website at Get Better Tips.

Has sameness regulated the normal and ordinary to barely noticeable at your business? What if someone broke the rules tried something different? Good ideas and a will to act are two required pieces.  Meld these with a strategy and you get change my friend, coin change that is.