When you are a researcher, you just can't help but be analytical.  But I must not be the only one to wonder while on a cruise what the revenue is from an average cruiser - and how that income is distributed among cruise line expenses?  In case I am not, here is a typical breakdown based on Cruise Market Watch statistics.   The average cruise passenger spends a total of $1,454 per cruise.  Note this is for all cruise lines, luxury to contemporary.   With the typical cruise lasting 7.1 days, this amounts to a per passenger per day (APCD) projected to be $205, with $155 per day ticket price (75.6%) and $50 per day on-board spending (24.4%)

For the cruise line, about 7% of this revenue is spent on fuel, 11% shipboard payroll, 11% agent commission and 6% food.  You can find further detais in the chart below.