Cruise Pulse™

Since 2010, analysts globally have relied on Cruise Pulse data to track cruise ship pricing trends, world-wide capacity allocations and itinerary changes in near real time.

Our proprietary database monitors daily ticket prices at the cabin category level and passenger volumes to port destinations from 15,000 annual cruises worldwide.

With an exclusive window into virtually every sailing, every day (including Carnival Corporation (CCL), Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL), Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) and Disney Cruise Line (DIS)) our client list of equity analysts and new ship build financing banks gain insights into prospective ticket revenue earnings.

In addition to the Cruise Pulse™ report, subscribers also download data directly or manipulate it interactively via our analytical tool kit. See an example of a tool kit work via the blinded, frozen data set below.  Clients discover year over year pricing patterns by parent company, cruise line and ship.  They uncover emerging regional trends and an enhanced view into forward quarterly revenue and net yields.

We’ve also worked with dozens of clients on custom analytic projects and statistical models.

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Features and Benefits:

Category Description of Example Analytic Tool Kit Examples
  Curious how prices for sailings over the next twelve months compare to the same period last year? Priced On Month

Curious about seasonality of prices or long term trends?



Price Index
Curious how prices for sailings over the next twelve months compares to the same period last year over a long historic data set?

Curious how pricing for a quarter compares to the same sailing departure quarter last year?



Quarter Over Quarter

Curious how pricing for a quarter compares to the year prior at any given point on the booking curve? Sail On Date
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