Cruise Pulse

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Cruise Pulse™

Our proprietary database tracks daily ticket prices at the cabin category level and passenger volumes to port destinations from over 10,000 annual cruises world wide from 35 cruise lines*. With an exclusive window into virtually every sailing, every day (including Carnival Corporation (CCL), Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL), Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) and Disney Cruise Line (DIS)) our growing client list of equity analysts and new ship build financing banks view cruise ticket price trends, world-wide capacity allocations and itinerary changes in near real time. In addition to the Cruise Pulse™ report they also download data directly or manipulate it interactively via our analytical tool kit. See an example of a tool kit work via the blinded, frozen data set below.  Clients discover year over year pricing patterns by parent company, cruise line and ship, emerging regional trends and gain insight into forward quarterly revenue and net yields with our statistically modeled estimates. To subscribe to your own custom publication or schedule a presentation get in touch with Cruise Market Watch today.

Category Description of Example Analytic Tool Kit Examples
Wondering how pricing compares between two different time periods? This tool displays pricing indexed from a base Sail On date. For example, select a base index date of 10/1/2012 for cruise line A. Click on the line for any Sail On date along the time line before or after your index date. A pop up will display your average price per person per day and the percentage difference against your base index date.  Sail On date prices are based on a 14 day moving average.
Price Index
Curious how current cruise prices for sailings over the next twelve months compare to the same period last year? Refer to the easy to use Cruise Market Watch year over year pricing comparison summary.
Year over Year Pricing Trends
View the average price by cabin category per person, per day.  Choose from inside, ocean view, balcony or suite and Cruise Market Watch's total weighted daily average for any sail on or priced on month. Select by specific ships within lines or summarized by the parent corporation.
Line and Ship Detail
For each Priced On Month, what was percentage change in the average daily ticket price versus the month prior? Similar to the year over year pricing tracker, but with month over month pricing comparisons.

Month Over Month Pricing Trends
A little more complicated, but a lot more powerful.  Answers the question "For each number of months out from the Sail On Date, what was the average daily ticket price"?  For example, the red line represents the price to purchase a sailing on August 2012 on any given month 0 to 18 months out.  In other words, this provides an "apples to apples" comparison for pricing "n" months in advance of the booking. How much are prices 1 month out from the sail date, how much are they 12 months out and how does that compare to last year, the year prior and next year?
Year over Year price Comparisons with equal Months from Sailing Date
"How are cruise prices for sailings for the next twelve months compared to the same Priced On Month last year by geographical region of the sailing destination"?

Regional Index
  Also a powerful tool for analysis of pricing changes.  Choose priced on month, sail on date range and the cruise parent/line to see price changes over time.  Each colored line represents a different pricing month, so you can see if prices for the same sail on dates are going up, or going down.

Price on Month Changes

* Estimates based on proprietary database tracking 234 cruise ships world-wide from 8/1/2010 to 9/30/2018.  Excludes P&O Cruises (Australia) and Ibero brands owned by Carnival and CDF owned by Royal Caribbean.

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